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Topic started by Subash (@ on Tue Dec 11 13:33:10 EST 2001.
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For the past ten years or so, A.R. Rahman (for mainstream movies), Ilayaraja (for more serious independent movies), and Deva (for everything else) have been ruling Tamil cinema. But I think the current year is really fascinating because all three of these guys, while not gone, are certainly on their way out the door.

Of the young music directors now, who will replace them?

Here are my picks. Tell me what you think.

A.R. RAHMAN -- My pick for his replacement right now is Harris Jayaraj, but only for lack of anyone else. A.R. Rahman because famous because he sounded SO different from the norm. But Harris sounds just like ARR, so I don't think he'll last. But for right now, I'll go with Harris Jayaraj.

ILAYARAJA -- Yuvan Shankar Raja is definitely going to the next Ilayaraja, in my opinion. He's proved his versatility by taking films as different as "Thulluvatho Ilamai" and "Nandhaa" and doing exceptional jobs on both.

DEVA -- I'm going with Vidyasaagar (though Karthik Raja) is a possibility, too. O.K., I know Vidyasaagar is no spring chicken himself, but he's proved himself to be as good (if not better than Deva) in the past year in such movies as "Dhill" and "Poovellaam Unn Vaasam." I also think Karthik Raja is a possibility, too, because like Deva, he doesn't seem to have any qualms about "taking inspiration" from foreign songs.

Who are your picks to replace ARR, Ilayaraja, and Deva?


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