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G Ramanathan-The Man and his Creative Genius G Ramanathan-The Man and his Creative Genius

Topic started by anwar m (@ on Sat Feb 9 09:35:10 EST 2002.
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An acclaimed composer par excellence, GR (affectionately known as Ramanatha Iyer) ruled the TFM for over two decades before the Rennaisance Period(I would call it the Baroque Age) between 1940-1960. There were three composers C R Subburaman, S V Venkataraman and then the legendary G Ramanatha Iyer himself. His compositions were a blend of carnatic raagas and the ease with which he could improvise on them. Many artists of yesteryears such as P Leela, T Loganathan, PG Krishnaveni, TMS, S Varalaksmi, AP Komala, TV Ratnam, P Susheela were his proteges. He brought out the raw talent from these extraordinary singers. Ramanatha Iyer's music and its impact on TFM has been often mentioned by MSV and IR. This discussion is dedicated to the man who touched us all with his wonderful compositions.


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