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ARR cant stay for long time but he is , how ?? ARR cant stay for long time but he is , how ??

Topic started by Jalak (@ on Fri Jun 15 03:47:43 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Drawbacks of a person gives way to others to come in.
Ex : IR drawback is not keeping good relations with others.
With this drawback also He was able to rule about 25 years means it is only the talent.
Now also He can come back and rule if he shows bit
of attention.

Now comming to the drawbacks of ARR ( A wind )

1. Lack of creativity
( already there r talks about his repeated tunes )

2. Late composition.
People will not wait for long time for listerning to new albulms.
They will try other options as He could not give
enough albulms.
There r many possibilities for othere MDS to
enter in the time gap.

Even directors cant wait for too delay in release.
They will wait if they get all hits from him.
If they get 2 / 3 successive flops they will get idea of trying with others.

3. Dependency :
He wants the director to be skilled to extract the good in him.
It is clear that He can give hits only to big directors.

4.Giving preference only to directors.
I cant give clear explanation as I dont know the facts.

There may be others which I may know as I dont know him in person.

Ther is one advantage to him from his second drawback.
He does only some films and any MD can get 4 / 5
films every year.
As the albulms come with delay,It takes time for people to decide his downfall.
If he gets one click again hopes will be there,
For his next few albulms it takes some years.

I am 100 % sure that If ARR could give albulms
fast, He would have been decided by now.


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