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Any information about MGR apart from his film songs Any information about MGR apart from his film songs

Topic started by Raman (@ on Mon Jan 14 05:50:46 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Vanakkam Anbulla Nannbargaley,

There are so much information in the internet about film artists of recent years (say., 1980, 1990 onwards).

Unfortunately, there is very little information about the legends of yester-years, like MGR, Sivaji.

As such, there are only very few interviews with MGR published in Tamil magazines like "PESUM PADAM". This was several years before, when "Navarathinam" movie was released in late 70's.

There was an article about MGR's life history, titled "MGR's Vazhkkai Varalaru" in Malai Murasu, when MGR just became the CM for the first time, in late 70's.

Apart from these two items, I have never come acros either interviews or lengthy articles about his life, relationship with people, achievements and other news.

Has everyone forgotten about MGR, so soon?

Does anyone have come across the above mentioned items or have access to them?

With the advent of Internet, it is so easy and is effective to publish and share information, photographs etc.

Anyone would want to contribute to this discussion are most welcome.

Aavaludan ungalathu contribution-iye edhir paarthu kondu irukkum ungal nannban,



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