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soulful solo soulful solo

Topic started by kupps (@ on Tue Jan 9 00:31:12 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Shall we list down very good solo songs sung by our singers. To start with I'm listing

Aayiram malargaLae malarungaL (shailaja/jency) even though the final piece is sung by MV i take it as solo as mostly it is sung by shailaja/jency

soLam vaedhaikkayilae sollivittu pora puLLae (IR)

iLamai yenum poongattru (SPB)

aanandha raagam kaetkum kaalam (UR)

paartha gnaabagam illayo (PS)

senthoora poovae senthoora poovae (SJ)

yedhedho yennam vaLarthaen (KSC)

raasaathi unna kaanaadha nenju (PJ)

hariharaathmajam..sharanamayyappa (KJY)


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