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What impact will TF fight with TV channels have on TFM? What impact will TF fight with TV channels have on TFM?

Topic started by eden (@ on Tue Jan 22 07:10:55 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Since the films are not doing well at theatres (for whatever reasons), the film production world has started blaming the TV channels and is up against Sun TV & others...(no interviews of artistes, no vimarsanam, no clippings of new movies etc. & some official bans on artistes; ref. Vijayakanth's interview in last week's kumudam)

We are all aware of the impact these channels had on TFM & its picturisation. (Please read BR's interview in last week's Kumudham). They've become more of musical videos (MTV kind) and no longer the emotional / story telling songs are attempted for quite sometime.

Will this current fight impact TFM? If so, in what way? Can we discuss...


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