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Romantic and pathos song in the same tune Romantic and pathos song in the same tune

Topic started by Rajesh (@ on Mon Dec 17 21:35:42 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We have many songs, especially in 80's, when the same tune was used for both a romantic as well as a pathos song in the movie. This is not evident these days as most of the movies, and hence the songs, are happy-go-lucky type. Going back to the original discussion, there are many such songs that come to my mind:

1. Rojavai thalattum thendral... and Kaanal neer pol endan kaadal.... from Ninaivellam Nitya

2. Vellai Pura ondru engudu kayyil varaamale... and Vellai Pura ondru ponadu kayyil varaamale..... from ????

3. Enna paada chollade naan kandapadi paadipuduven... and enna paada chollade naan umai aana chinna kuyilu... from Aan Pavam.

I want you all to update this list and keep this going till the time all of us get exhausted. I hope that there would be no personality bashing here at least.


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