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Totally Convinced: Ilayaraja is indeed The Greatest Ever Creative Genius (Past, Present & Future) Totally Convinced: Ilayaraja is indeed The Greatest Ever Creative Genius (Past, Present & Future)

Topic started by Isai Kadavul Bakthar (@ on Mon Feb 4 04:13:50 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Please listen to the following songs again and again and you will clearly understand the depths, breadth and heights to which Ilayaraja has gone like no other creative genius has. This is a real lesson in the most exceptional and complex of musical composition delivered just simply like that by IR for the ordinary listener:

Chandirarum Suriyanum by IR in AVADHARAM (find one like this in the next galaxy if anyone can)
Kannalen Kaadhal by KJY & SJY in Aathma
Kai veesum Thamarai by SPB & SJ in Kanni Rasi
Nilavu Onru Kanden - as above
Yen Kanavina Kellu by Hariharan in Desiya Geetham
The Dance duet in Raasayya (absolutely stunning)
Nandavanthil by SPB in Annai Oru Aalayam
Sembaruthi Poove by Mano & Sunandha in Sembaruthi
Nila Kaayum Neram Saranam by SPB & Sunandah in Sembaruthi
O Nenjame by SJ & DChakravarthi in Enakaha Kaathiru
Yengum Niraindha KJY & SJ in Idhu Eppadi Irukku
Vellin Nilave SPB & UR in Nandavan Theru

and, I am telling you this is just touching the surface, but these compositions require a lot of listening to know that evey other composer, band or group or act or whatever or anybody is just a speck of dust in the shore that of IR's ocean of music! Anyone can challenge me with any song of any other composer of this earth and tell me if I am wrong.

Long Live the Avataram of Ilayaraja


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