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It's different ..! It's different ..!

Topic started by L (@ on Mon Sep 20 15:10:25 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

After felt like having heared all the songs from Internet (or felt like having reached the end of Internet), I set out on my quest for hearing DIFFERENT songs. 'Different' means browsing certain areas of Internet that I normally won't go or haven't gone at all.

And so I landed on browsing the MALAYALAM category in MUSICINDIAONLINE.COM.

I randomly picked 'M' category and stumbled on MY DEAR KUTTICHATHAN. I thought, "what is going to new anyway?" Because I have heared its tamil version, a lot of times. However I was also curious to hear the same in MALAYALAM. So I clicked the first song to hear.

To my surprise, the song I heared was a very much different one. It was not at all there in the tamil version. Apparently IR must have composed this only for Malayalam. That song just blew me out and I have been hearing it atleast once a day.

Here is the link

and its name is Chirakaltikkili by K.J.Yesudas.

Note: It says that the film is My Dear Kuttichathan (1997). I think the year is wrong and MD must be IR. Pls correct me this is incorrect.

Question is, have you come across any such 'it's different' (adhaan thalaippu, suthi valichi vandhuttean paarunga)songs, where a MD gave different songs for a single movie, when it was dubbed or remade to another language?



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