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Why is Vaali not as successful as Kannadasan & Vairamuthu Why is Vaali not as successful as Kannadasan & Vairamuthu

Topic started by Radhai (@ on Thu Oct 7 13:21:51 EDT 1999.
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Time and again, I have wondered why Vaali is not as successful as Kannadasan & Vairamuthu. If critics say his songs are not as catchy as the other two lyricists' I will not agree as he has lasted for more than 35 years now.

He has written some great songs for MGR which MGR used for his political entry. (Something similar to what VM has been doing for Rajanikanth for quite sometime now)

Go ahead give your views. Do u feel he has been unlucky or do u feel he deserves nothing more than what he is now?


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