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Unearthing Rare Golden Oldies of TFM into MP3s Unearthing Rare Golden Oldies of TFM into MP3s

Topic started by sk (@ on Fri Jun 27 07:43:58 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

There are many many wonderful songs in old TFM (especially belonging to the period before 1980) which many of us have heard and enjoyed in the days of their popularity, but, as years rolled by those songs came to be heard only rarely. This thread is an attempt to unearth such golden oldies. Those who have longed to hear such songs can make a "nEyar viruppam" request here. In response, those who have the songs can convert them into MP3s and share it with others here. Through sites like and Yahoo briefcase, it is now possible to do such sharing easily.

As rare songs are unearthed and brought out as MP3s, it would be natural to listen to them and discuss them here, so that this thread does not simply become just a set of requests and supplies.

My sister Sathya Kabali has a large collection of rare TFM goldies in cassettes and she is in the process of converting them into MP3s and putting them in coolgoose. The songs she has uploaded are available at this link:

(You need to get your own coolgoose account in order to download.)

I would also start uploading MP3s of rare songs to the same link. For sure, you can look forward to a great set of songs being added to this collection soon.

We look forward to enthusistic contribution from many forumers.

Vijay's collection:


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