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Hollywood vs Tamil Music Hollywood vs Tamil Music

Topic started by Uthaman (@ on Sat Jun 15 15:52:05 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In hollywood there are no songs. If at all there is any like in Musical movies, those songs are sung by Actors themselves, we had My Fair Lady, Singing in the Rain, Sound of Music recently Moulen Rouge. Usually they use "Third Party" songs like from Pop singers. But they gave so much importance to BGM. That's why movies like "Good Bad and the Ugly", "Mission", "Untouchables", " Beverley Hills Cop", "Titanic", "Mission Impossible"... how often tamil movies could come up with memorable BGMs. "Mouna Raagam" had good BGM. Recently "12B" had good BGM. "Nooravathu Naal" had good BGM. "Dalapathi" had good BGM. "Roja" had good BGM. Any other movies??


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