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Unquestionably the song of the Millenium Unquestionably the song of the Millenium

Topic started by Jakkuvar Thangam (@ on Sun Dec 15 18:18:41 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The song that starts with the word "Poo..." from the movie "Ravanan" starring the under-appreciated talent Mansoor Ali Khan is the greatest song of the millenium. Do you guys agree/disagree?? Kindly post your views here.

If you guys want to listen to that song, do some research yourself (Internet, Audio stores or SunTV's "Midnight Masala"), for I don't have the time. Trust me guys, I would do it, but time is a big constraint.

But anyways, the "Poo.." song from "Ravanan" is the song of the millenium. Hands down.


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