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vAnoliyum thirai isaiyum vAnoliyum thirai isaiyum

Topic started by sriram (@ on Sun Sep 21 23:31:37 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

About a year ago, I read in the Hindu that AIR is planning to auction some of its exclusive music recordings & collections. I had wanted to start this thread then, but I forgot about it. After reading recent mentions of Ilangai vAnoli & AIR in SOTD & other threads, I thought that this topic needs some attention. The influence of radio stations on individual preferences & the "unsung" promotion that these radio channels gave to tamil film music & culture has hardly been chronicled in these pages, other than sporadically strewn pieces of information on various threads.

What have been your experiences listening to tfm on the radio? What were your favourite programmes & what were their specialities (for eg, favourite anchors, programmes with new songs etc..)? any nostalgic memories, stories, a few words on what radio meant/means to you...


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