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why the comparision between MDs,,every one need to understand(special) why the comparision between MDs,,every one need to understand(special)

Topic started by vimal (@ on Thu Sep 11 01:44:05 EDT 2003.
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It's very funny that every one compares one music deirctor with another becoause every one is unique in their you you can share your thoughts pleaz dont compare them.

for example,
ilayaraja: he is a good technician and ever green genius.his success rate is higher than any other music dirctor in india and probably in the world after composing a first ever Symphony .
A>R>:every one knows this person because he is too good at every thing he does.he will take atleast 6 months to produce one album because he want to produce quality albums
harris : he is now the famous MD in TFm .It is ridiculus that people comparing him with ARR.he is mixing the sonngs well he has his own type of style in melodies and rock
VIdhyasagar:In current film industry, he is the only one is creating mind blowing melodies.actually he is wasted by commercial directors.He is not gettting big budget films and good directors like maniratnam,goutham,balachander,hari ,shankar.WE know how he created the Anbesivam,Run,Dhool,Dhill all film music and esp in anbe sivam the BGM is chanceless.It overtakes the english films.he is now getting offers from english also.his melodies and westerns are well known,why i am borading these things because he is very underrated music director.

You can easily give good music to good diectors because they are very much talented and interested in musics.BUt with small directors he has given hits.This have to be noted

YSR:he is very young but he hes immense of talent as he shown in first film aravindan and now he is coming with quality music

Why I am taking these five?
they are talented and unique among all
You can say that VS and HJ,YSR has copied songs .
but i can tell u that VIdhyasagar songs are not copied he has taken inspiration from many songs.It is crazy that somebody said the KUndu KUndu WAs A copy of BAbie girl from AQua.Is there any NAdaswaram music in AQua.he desined the song like a album with engilsh beats which is similar to aqua blended with folk.It is certainly creative ,not acopied one.BUt in one interview he said the small directors asked him to make copy someones song for commercial business.thus now every one saying he is a copycat.
same is with YSR-Initially he has lot of inspirations from RIckyMArtin HJ- he has lot of inpiration frm mefiocre albums like metal massacre .U know Uyirin UYire fomKaakakaaka is inspired from Torchure me in metal massacre 5.
ARR-he is also inspired with many songs like addhu baba hidndustani is the song "monolisa"from mr.romeo.Vellai pookal fom Kannathil muthamittal fi inspiered from "poovukellam" by Vs.CAn any one share this view I think every one know these thing but they cannot give comment on this becoz most people bcom mad with arr and he is the only one best and other are very very very bad.
Similarly with IR ,In his early days he has composed most of the songs inspired from english albums like lovingcare, the age of love, dance party 2 etc


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