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Yuva Vs Aaitha Elzhuthu Yuva Vs Aaitha Elzhuthu

Topic started by Choochan (@ on Tue Mar 23 04:48:49 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Since both the version of Maniratnam is releasing simulataneously with lot of expectation.. (of course 3rd one is Telugu)

When you hear Yuva, you feel AE is better than Yuva when you heard both the versions. (Telugu should be like Tamil due to its direct translation of the song easily)

For eg. Hindi Good Bye Nanba song. It is better sung by Shankar Mahadevan in High pitch with good modulations Tamil.

In Hindi, Lucky Ali hasn't lived upto the expectations and moreover they filled with hummings. Where as in tamil, they filled with words..

Tamil lyrics is short and poetic. When you hear first time AE, it is more of music, but when you started listening, everything is goood...

Yuva also receiving mixed reaction from the Bollywood reviews..

Sanda Kozhi song if you listen in Hindi, it remind you the LAGAAN song...

Dil Se songs were equally good in Hindi because Gulzar has written all the songs.. He is a good lyrics writer when compared to anyone else in bollywood. (Javed is more of commercial writer)

Mehboob is more of a dubbing film lyrics writer.. Even though he has a good number of hit songs in his bag with ARR combination...(both dubbing and direct)


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