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The Ever Magnificent Ilayaraja The Ever Magnificent Ilayaraja

Topic started by MusicLover (@ on Tue May 20 10:34:26 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am reading so many posts here that it really does not make justice to music. And in saying that, I really mean music. So many thrash has infiltrated now that the tamil music industry has lost its identity. People in India get so excited about the 'new sound' that they think its an indian invention. Are they still living in the well? It is really embarrassing.

For many who live outside India, we know how much is being ripped-off by these cheats from western music. These cheap MDs translate and deceive so many in India. Whether tamil or hindi, both seem to be in a sad state. Their metamophosized music seem to excite the kids for as long as they are in school and cease soon after they pass the school gate. For some adults, guess they are still a kid.

But some smart ones who know music in general don't get fooled by the deceivers. They know what is quality and know what is originality. God help so many in India who still keep thinking that tamil music has a new sound. For people like us, we can laugh at them and most importantly enjoy listening to the original.


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