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are we running out of topics or issues? are we running out of topics or issues?

Topic started by badri raghavan (@ on Sat Jun 20 02:31:39 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hi friends,

i just did a small study on our existing topics (non-permanent) as of today. there are 75 topics including some one-time queries and news flashes. there are 17 topics specifically on Ilayaraja mentioned by name on the header, 5 on Rahman which together accounts for one third of all discussions. the rest are on personalities like spb, mano, unnikrishnan, bhavatharini et al. Non-personality topics stimulating healthy discussion accounted for less than 10.

more importantly we see the same kind of worship or abuse getting repeated in different magnitudes or decibel levels by different surfers.

also, we are becoming like the commercial tv channels which show film songs under different titles such then thuli, thuli then, ketta padalgal, netru ketta padalgal, thirai thuli, thirai chuvai etc.
we have topics such as ir copy additha padalgal and soon we will have arr copy additha padalgal which again are not so informative as they serve as vent of bile.

we even have a topic "i am sick of ir arr bashing" where surfers continue to bash either of the MDs. where are we going?

i am sure that the objective of the DF is to enable healthy and educative discussion. can we come up with some topics which will facilitate this objective. there are connoseiurs and knowledgeable surfers who can contribute to elevating our understanding of the technology, process or work that goes behind creating good music. let us learn by getting the fundamentals.

i sincerely hope that this will provoke like minded surfers to deluge the forum with topics that will be intellectually stimulating and educative.


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