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DIY: Ten Real Rahman Classics DIY: Ten Real Rahman Classics

Topic started by WhyNot (@ on Fri Apr 12 03:10:47 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I recently read this Music Magazine article, posted by Naaz in another thread.
An excerpt:
"A R Rahman's success in creating hit numbers that simultaneously set the cash registers ringing and the dance floors swinging has been well documented. However, unfortunately lost in the din of Chaiyya Chaiyyas and Muqala Muqablas are unsung numbers (pun unintended), songs that can soothe you with their melody or gently torment you with their pain, tracks that never busted the charts for various reasons, tracks that are unlikely to make it to the compilation albums.

This list explores a few dark and obscure numbers that would have probably ended up as B-sides, but that nevertheless merit attention for their artistic brilliance.

1. Dholna - Thakshak/Mehboob/Sukhwinder Singh...
2. Pyaara Sa Gaon - Zubeidaa/Javed Akhtar/Lata Mangeshkar...
3. Zahreela Pyar - Daud/Mehboob/Asha Bhonsle, Leena Chandra Das...
4. Ishwar Allah - 1947/Javed Akhtar/Sujatha Mohan, Anuradha Sriram...
5. Thenmerku Paruvakarru - Karuthamma/Vairamuthu/ Unnikrishnan, Chitra...
6. Sengaatrea - Taj Mahal/Vairamuthu/T K Kala...
7. Vidukadhaiya - Muthu/Vairamuthu/Hariharan...
8. Poogum Vazhiyellam - Ratchagan/Vairamuthu/Chitra...
9. Roshan Hui Raat - Sapnay/Javed Akhtar/Anuradha Sriram...
10. Mel Isaiyae/Mr Romeo/Vairamuthu/Unni Menon, Swarnalatha, Srinivas, Sujatha..."

I was surprised to see no. 10 on the list as it was my most fav number from Mr Romeo. I believe the Tamil version of no. 9 is Anbendra Mazhayile from Minsara Kanavu.

Another excerpt from the same article:

"Too bad you cannot buy a compilation of these songs from any store. But make yourself one and believe me, with it playing on your stereo, you'd want to hit more reds than greens on your ride to work."

I was inspired enough by those lines upload some of those tracks onto my yahoo briefcase in the past few days. I have the mp3s for 4, 5, 8 and the Tamil version of 9. I'll be uploading no. 6 within the next few days. Those interested, send me an email.

It's usual for certain tracks in ARR's albums to gain mass popularity while some really good numbers get overshadowed despite their excellence, which in some of our opinions, may have deserved more credit than those mass popularity numbers.

This thread is to celebrate those 'unsung' classics.


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