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<b>Alka Yagnik is a good singer with a melodious voice, can TFM try her?</b> Alka Yagnik is a good singer with a melodious voice, can TFM try her?

Topic started by ankith (@ on Sun Mar 9 23:26:13 EST 2003.
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Alka Yagnik is a good singer who has been singing in Hindi, Bengali and Marathi films from the late 1980's. She has a sweet and a melodious voice and has sung a minimum of 40 songs for A R Rahman in Hindi (solo and duets).

Some of the songs she has sung for A R Rahman are:

Taal se Taal... from Taal
Oh Rey Chhori... from Lagaan
Maahive... from The Legend of Bhagat Singh

Aaj Mein Gavoon... from Little John for Praveen Mani (the one Sujatha sang in Tamil. (Just listed out A R Rahman and Praveen Mani, so that south indians identify with the songs, that's all).

And many many more...

She has sung atleast 800 songs in her career so far and is the favourite of many music directors in Bollywood and has a lot of fans all over. If you listen to a sweet melodious Hindi female voice, most of the time it must be singer Alka Yagnik. But somehow she has not sung a single Tamil, Telugu song or in any south indian language, for reasons best known to her.

Can we discuss if she can be used by our Tamil music directors; like they have tried Sadhana Sargam, Kavitha Poudwal, Latha Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Anuradha Poudwal? I feel she must have been given offers in the south, but she must be refusing them.

For the heavens sake, people who are decent and have heard Alka-ji's voice take part in this thread and discuss. NO filthy remarks. By making indecent remarks you are insulting a great singer (whoever it may be..). These people are who have such a talent which we don't posses. So healthy comments please.


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