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Kaakha Kaakha in Hindi, Gautam Menon, but NO Harris Jayaraj???? Kaakha Kaakha in Hindi, Gautam Menon, but NO Harris Jayaraj????

Topic started by j (@ on Fri Aug 22 04:03:13 EDT 2003.
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Gautham to direct KK in Hindi!

Friday, 22 August , 2003, 09:52

By Moviebuzz
Gautham Menon seems to have struck gold with his police story Kaakha Kaakha, which is turning out to be mega hit.

Feroz Khan, the Hindi actor and producer has purchased the Hindi remake rights of Kaakha Kaakha for a whopping price and has requested Gautham to direct it. The rumour is that the director who was initially reluctant to direct the film in Hindi has agreed after being promised a fancy amount.

Gautham had earlier made statement that he will never direct a film in Hindi after the Rehna Hai Tere Dil Main fiasco. This film was a remake of his own Minnale, a blockbuster in Tamil.

The Hindi film will have Feroz’s son Fardeen in the lead role of ACP, which Surya had made memorable! The makers are trying to rope in Preity Zinta to do the role of Jyothika.

However the surprise element is that the music of Harris Jayaraj, which was one of the major highlights of Kaakha Kaakha will not be used in the Hindi remake and instead, Sandeep Chowta will be the music director.


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