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Whose Music Wins the Hearts of Poor Rural People? Ofcourse IR! Whose Music Wins the Hearts of Poor Rural People? Ofcourse IR!

Topic started by manidhan (@ on Mon May 26 14:13:48 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

When it comes to the rural Tamil Nadu, IR is definitely the only musician who has captured the hearts of millions of laborers, farmers, workers who are poor and dpend on the distant tea shop radio for their musical pleasures!!

I cannot imagine these people saying "Wow jack and Jill! excellent song. great experimentation with percussion chords."

IR is the only man who can consistently inspire these poor hearts and fill them with joy with his simlple yet harmonically intricate music.

What do you guys think. People who are brought up on rich dad's money eating pizza and drinking coke please stay away from this thread. this is for those whose hearts go with the poor people of our great Tamil Nadu!


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