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Copy mannan Deva! Copy mannan Deva!

Topic started by Pepsi Veera (@ on Wed May 31 21:54:55 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


I was listening to the song "Kattipudi,
Kattipudidaa" from the new Vijay movie "Kushi"
(music: Deva). When the song started, I had this
feeling, "I have heard this before..".. Then
I realized.. The two stanzas in this song are 100% photocopy of the old S.D. Burman hit song "Nahi Nahi, Kabhi Nahi.." from the Randhir Kapoor movie "Jawani Diwani". This guy has no shame! On this note, I heard another song "Akila, Akila" (dunno who is the music director). This song is 100% photocopy (note by note) of a reggae hit song "Buffalo Soldier" (Bob Marley)...

What you guys think?

- Veera


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