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Boys Review Boys Review

Topic started by dinesh scaran (@ on Wed Oct 30 09:15:10 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In an interview to Ananda Vikatan,Shankar was asked how the absence
of any blockbusters from Rehman in recent times would affect on
Boys,Shankar had this to say...

" I dont care about Rehmans record.We had a good time once again and
we sat in long sessions experimenting with sounds since this is a
highly youthful subject.I am completely satisfied with the music.Its
no old sounds.All sounds are new.So expect a difference.Rahman and I
are goin in for a double hatrick"
Shankar has given an extensive interview in the latest (Diwali
Special) issue of Kumudam. One of the question is on Rahman and it
goes thus!

Q: Rahman has not given any big hits in recent days. How's the music
of Boys?

A: I'm demanding what I want as usual. We are working hard to create
what we call 'trend-setting' music. I can say that the music in Boys
will not be what we've been hearing so far. It would surely be new
and pathbreaking. I'm sure people will like the music in Boys.


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