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TMS-a rare singer TMS-a rare singer

Topic started by kalai (@ on Fri Oct 26 16:10:26 EDT 2001.
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If you talk about tamil cinema music, particularly about music directors, there is always a genius in every decade.
1950's - G. RamaNathan
1960's - MSV
1970's - MSV
1980's - IR
1990's - ARR
There is transition in TFM music in every decade . Let me talk about singers.
Before 1950's it was ruled by "bhagavathar's" and most of the songs were karnatic base songs. TMS started his carrier with these kinds of Karnatic based songs . In that period, there is no such technical support and they sing in the stages without mic. Those who dedicated themselves to music, take so much of practices to mould their voices. TFM got so many genius like MS, MLV, PATTAMMAL with that qualities. TMS is also that sort of person who can sing from lower range to any higher ranges.TMS had a powerful voice, good modulation, good pronunciation and a versatility. (Few people consider gimmicks and mimicry as versatility).
After 1975, technically we are improved a lot, we got fresh music waves, but I feel s
singing quality is limited. We got two excellent singers like SPB and KJY and they are good at their voice range. Why we coulnt find a person like TMS, who sings in all ranges ? I feel The power of tamil is missing in TFM now a days like songs "engal thiravida pon naade" " chenthamzh then mozhiyal" "paatum naane" . Now a days even in sad songs " the feeling of an ordinary person is reflected well and I can say it comes from heart. But think about a normal person who lost everything, his emotion will come from the stomack (abdomen)like a song "yaarukkaga" " intha naadaagam antha medayil" , "neeyum naanua", "paar magale paar" etc.. It is missing now a days.
TFM got varites of singers and we are the people who got varities of songs also.
Thiyaraja Bhagavathar , PU chinnappa , TR mahalingam, Chidambaram jeyaraman, seerkazhi gouvindarajan are a type of singers who can sing in very high pitches and each one got a peculiar voice also. A.M.raja, A.L raghavan, P.B.S are for low pitches and they were used for very soft songs. SPB, KJY, JayaChandran are used for lower and medium ranges. So,many others like chandra babu , Malaysia vasudevan also contributed so much. No where else we can see these many varites of songs and singers. Now a days most of the new singers are trying to copy SPB or KJY and they are lacking of originality.
I feel , TMS is the one of the few persons who can sing in any range. Few of his rare songs I am adding here, to justify my arguments. ( only, he can sing this songs- only samples).

Paatum naane Bhavamum naane --(thiruvilayadal)
Yaar tharuvar intha ariyasanam --kavi kalidai)
Eri kariyin mele -(muthalali)
Enge nimmathi (puthia paravai)
Naan unnai azhikavillai (engiruntho vanthaan)
Chinnanchiriya vanna paravai (kungumam)
En arumai kaathalikku (ellorum innattu mannargal)
Yaarukkaga (vasantha maaligai)
Atho antha paravai pola (aayirathil oruvan)
Acham enbathu madamayada (mannathi mannan)
Aadatha manamum undo (mannathi mannan)
Pathu maatham sumanthirunthu (annayin aanai)
Muthai thiru pathi thiru nagai (arunagiri nathar)
Punnagai thavazhum (maragatham)
Isai kettal puvi asainthadum (ThavaPuthalvan)


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