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<b>FORMULA for a Hit Song !!!!!</b> FORMULA for a Hit Song !!!!!

Topic started by thathuvavaathi (@ on Thu Jan 10 07:45:29 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We have talked about & analyzed so many Tamil Film Music songs, lyricists, singers etc...

Is there any "FORMULA" for a song to become HIT ?

That is, for a Patho, Melody or Duppaanguththu to become a "HIT" are there any RULES that we can formulate ?

For example :
- Most of the songs set in a particular raagaa (for certain mood) are hits,
- Songs sung by the singers (or duet combination)
- songs using specific Instruments (lead/percussion)
- songs set for a specific mood/situation
etc... etc...

With the vast knowledge/data warehouse we have in TFMPAGE.COM, probably we can try to find the FORMULA, which could be used by the music directors, film directors and producers ;-))


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