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Topic started by Dorai.K (@ on Wed Sep 30 22:47:26 EDT 1998.
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Who is the no.1 MD in TFM. In my opinion , its ARR< IR AND DEVA together. Yes Deva too. Of course he copies. But he got the most number of films and has got a good number of hits too. ARR, even though he composes less films, his songs are well liked. Since he doesn't do lots of films, he can't be amde the No.1 alone. As for IR, there is nothing to say. He is evergreen. He is always no.1. First time in tamil cinema we see this trend. Usually single MD dominates the tamil film industry. But at present, no one dominates like MSV orIR. Even ARR, can't do it. Why is it? IS it that these young MDs are not good enough to dominate single handedly or there are large number of good MDs? I think younger MDs doesn't have variety in their songs. Each of these young MDs including ARR , got a specific style and music.


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