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Director S J Surya and A R Rahman team up for "NEW": Director S J Surya and A R Rahman team up for "NEW":

Topic started by Ram (@ on Wed May 29 02:14:15 EDT 2002.
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Director S J Surya and A R Rahman team up for "NEW":

Director Surya who gave super hits like, "Vaali" and "Kushi" (in Tamil, Telugu and now in Hindi to be released in July), is all set to work with Voice of music Rahman in his next venture in Tamil where Ajith and Vijay are the heros. Rahman apparently met director SJ Surya on a flight from Mumbai to Chennai and gave the nod to compose for his next film 'New'.
Vijay is unfortunate to not get Rahmans Music so long.:

Defintely a movie with A R Rahman music is a wonderful asset for the movie, Actor and the Director, actor Vijay and Surya have been unfortunate in this.

Actor Vijay is unfortunate in the sense that he has been in the industry for such a long time and has'nt got a single A R Rahman film. He is getting a film now called "Udhaya" which is being directed by Azhagam Perumal (Dumm dumm dumm) which is being held up for such a long time.

New comers like Madhavan, Kunal, Abbas, Vivek Oberoi, Vineeth, Manoj have all got A R Rahman music for their films at a very early stage.
Now let us discuss which are the actors who have bee credited with Rahman music so far:

Please help me out in this:

Vijay - 0
Surya - 0

R Madhavan- Alai Payuthey, Paarthale Paravasam, Kannathil Muthamittal. (and now Ganga (late this year) with Aish, Manisha - A Shyam Benegal Film).
Ajith - Pavithra, Kandukondain Kandukondain.
Prashanth - Jeans, Thiruda Thiruda, Jodi, Star.
Kamal Hasaan - Indthiyan, Tenali, Naran (Future).
Rajnikanth - Padayappa, Baba, Muthu.
Abbas - Kadhal Desam, Kadhal Virus, Kandukondain Kandukondain.
Prabhudeva - Kadhalan, Minsara Kanavu, Love Birds, Mr.Romeo.
Vineeth - Kadhal Desam, May Madham, Pudhiya Mugham.
Arvind Swamy - Roja, Bombay, Indhira, En Swasakatre, Minsara Kanavu, Alai Payuthey (leave it).
Manoj - Taj Mahal, Alli Arjuna.
Ramesh Arvind - Rhythm, Duet, Jodi.
Arjun Sarja - Gentleman, Rhythm, Mudhalvan.

Lets have a healthy arguement Please:


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