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s.janaki is the only singer to sing the very 1st song of many heroines s.janaki is the only singer to sing the very 1st song of many heroines

Topic started by sri (@ on Mon Aug 11 12:06:32 EDT 2003.
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s.janaki is the only singer to sing the very first song of many heroines!
its true yaaa ...!!on very clear observation and knowledge u can know that only s.janaki is the one and only singer to sing the very first song for many new heroines introduced during her regime.....but now she had limited her songs.but each and every songs she is singing currently are becoming very great hits....
to my knowledge the list of heroines to whom janakiamma had sung playback are....
1.radha(alaigal ooivathillai)
6.ranjitha(naadodi thendral)
7.rekha(kadalora kavithaikal)
8.banupriya(aarooro aariraaroh)
9.radhika(kizhakae pogum rail)
10.revathi(man vaasanai)
11.sujatha(aval oru thodargathai)
12.preiti zinta(uyirae)
according to vidhya sagar in a tv interview .....he was asked about not using SPB and S.Janaki nowadays for his songs....he replied that they are very great legends and they should be used only for apt songs(ie....they have the previlage of singing songs which apt their capacity) he is trying for such songs...
!so spb and janaki combo will soon unite to give songs like malarae mounamaa,mugamenaa moghamenna,vaanamae the music of vidhya sagar!!
so let us discuss about the list of heroines had the previlage of having janakiamma for their playback!!!


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