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Why can't Illaiyaraja/KR now conquer European Music like the Waltzes, Tangos? Why can't Illaiyaraja/KR now conquer European Music like the Waltzes, Tangos?

Topic started by The Fan (@ on Tue Oct 20 01:31:30 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I just found to my utter surprise of the wider berth of ARR's musical inspiration. His Ta Rum Ta Rum is nearly totally inspired from a famous Tango/Waltz tune of the early 20th century and goes by the same humming of the waltz/tango. I want to open this topic and ask why in God's name has not Illaiyaraja attempted to even algorithmically recreate fresh tunes for the amazingly heavenly waltz and tango musical forms that originated in the early twentieth century? The music is so magical and dreamy to listen to and usually played on the harmonica or the accordion.

Why can't the Maestro of Maestros and the Lord of all Maestros now explore a few more unexplored genres, besides the symphony and release albums for the European and Japanese and American market? Can we lay out most of the UNEXPLORED MUSICAL STYLES/FORMS/GENRES THAT OUR ISAIGNANI HAS NOT ATTEMPTED so far? This requires input from music lovers who have listened to a wide variety of music from all over the world.

This might provide us with an idea of what Illaiyaraja could find interesting and challenging. This could be great information for Karthik Raja too.


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