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IR Recommendations? IR Recommendations?

Topic started by Ravi (@ on Fri Dec 5 20:50:17 EST 2003.
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Hi, I'm a young TFM follower, and I've always heard that IR is a maestro and a genius and whatnot. Before 1994, the Tamil tapes I would bring back from India were of IR's music, but when I listened to them recently, most of it wasn't impressive to me. These albums were more mass stuff like Singaravelan and Chembaruthi. After Roja, I pretty much stopped listening to IR for a long time. I heard the songs from Sethu, Bharathi, and Kathalukku Mariyathai. I didn't like the first two albums, but I liked KM. Most recently I heard Pithamagan, out of which I liked Adadaa and Elangathu Veesudhe. I liked Veera from 1994.

When his music is creative it is very good, but I often find that he used standard beats and practically no instrumentation except for percussion in many songs I collected in the early 90s. His use of strings and background scores are good.

I've heard some of his 80s albums, but have liked only a few of the songs and maybe 1 or 2 albums from this period.

What are some outstanding IR albums you guys could recommend?


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