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Looking IRs 90s a different view Looking IRs 90s a different view

Topic started by darul (@ on Fri Aug 11 11:09:02 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Could any one tell me how many movies were super hit during 90's for IR...????But just look back
to the 80s season.
1. Many people ditched him during 90s

2. He kept on scoring but all the films were crap for which directors should be blamed.

3. Point a film that was good with IR doing a bad
job...??????if any

4. I will not rate "Ennai Thaalata Varuvala.." as a best song compared to his ealier work but...but that was decent and film was that worked

so my view...IR is with his work....
Whats all ur opinion ?????pls post...


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