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Headache songs in TFM!!! Headache songs in TFM!!!

Topic started by doctor (@ on Fri Jun 13 22:59:19 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi Folks,

Ofcourse music is an ultimate one to get peace to our mind.Even it proved music cures disease.
But if the song is not composed properly by the composer it cause headache to everyone.Here is a pinch of headache songs.

Parasurram –Jack and Jill

Alli Arjuna-Osakamuraya

BABA- Sakthi kodu

Duet –Kathirikka gundu kathirikka

Kadalvirus - Bailamoore

Lovebirds - Samba Ole

Muthu - Vidukadiya

Parthale paravasam - Manmada mada mada mada mada Panam.

Udaya- Anjanam

Vandicholaichinnarasu-Barotta barotta

Gentleman- Parkathey

I am making the complete list and soon post it.

It will be a warning to others not to listern those headache song and get reliefe from headache.


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