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Is this the end of looking forward to psychedelic flashbacks while copying songs? Is this the end of looking forward to psychedelic flashbacks while copying songs?

Topic started by outsider (@ on Sat Oct 11 01:32:31 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

According to the latest ringtones, copying Tamil music will NOT produce psychedelic feelings of floating over pink clouds while listening to Illaraja's music backwards. How do you feel about this?

This is one of many questions that noone dares answer. Here are some more:

Who is more likely to copy music made in Japan? The japanese, or ARR?

How many beats per second should a song have to induce plagerism?

Who is a better musician .. someone who never went to college, or someone who never went to Australia?

Why do I get static on my cable TV? Surely cable TV should not have static on it .. but it does!

If you flew to Brazil and bought 2 Amazonian goldfish, what is the probability that one of those goldfish will have a best-selling song in TN?

Please don't answer these questions. This is just a test of your neural logic programming. This will only take a second. ... Ok... done. Resume your regular chit chat. Thank you for your attention. Don't copy songs. Don't eat wax fruit. Respect your elders.


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