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Ilayaraja's Folk Music Sense Ilayaraja's Folk Music Sense

Topic started by Vishvesh Obla (@ on Fri May 25 16:37:06 EDT 2001.
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The most striking thing for me in the music of Ilayaraja is his fine sense of folk music. Most of his hits have it as a base. (That it faded as he became more and more commercial is a different issue). I think that gave him a originality so much different from the earlier composers like MSV. It is so much there in his early movies like AnnakiLi, Rosapooravikaikari and Ponnu Oorukku pudhusu. I must say he was much original in expressing it than any other Music directors of Tamil Cine Music. Another music director, Salil Choudhury comes to my mind, when I think of folk music in light music. But then there is a subtle difference in the folk music expressed as you see listening to two different songs like Poovannam (Salil Choudhuri) and Unakena Thane Innerama (IlayaRaja). The difference, I feel, is the very spirit of the roots of folk music that was so particular to the place which created it and of which Ilaya Raja had such a fine grasp.

There must be something original to express for an artist to make something permanent and I must say Ilayaraja had it in his fine sense of folk music.


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