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Kid songs Kid songs

Topic started by RV (@ on Wed Mar 25 21:20:32 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I heard this song "Poop Poova Parandhu Pogum Pattup Poocchi Akka" the other day and nostalgia kicked in again. I can recall very few songs of this genre - songs that would appeal to kids.

1. Pooppoova Parandhu Pogum
2. Kuwa Kuwa Paappa Iva Kulikka Kaasu Keppa
3. Chinnap Paappa Enga Chellap Paappa

1. Odi Vilaiyadu Paappa
2. Mappillai Vandhar Mappilai Vandhar Maattu Vandiyile
3. Maapillai Doi Mappilai Doi


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