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tape swapping ? tape swapping ?

Topic started by Dev Mannemela (@ on Fri Jun 5 17:20:25 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi !

Apologies if this is deemed off-charter.

I am interested in swapping taped with other DFers. I am mostly interested in IR. I have pretty large collection of IR's tamil films and almost complete collection of IR's telugu films.
I am also interested in KVM and MSV. Carnatic and Hindustani too..

I can't easily find IR's early and mid eighties music here in US. Blockbusters are easily found and I am searching for not-so-well known films.

I am in LA and it would be great if anyone else in LA is interested.

Once again, if this kind of stuff is banned or something, apologies..

Thanks !

(May be this can be a permanent topic, if there is a lot of interest :-))


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