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Topic started by Nilgiri Saare Yeppadi Undu ;--) (@ on Sun Feb 9 23:37:41 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This is similar to the MOST SWEET INDIAN FILM SONG - Sugamo Aayiram. Now, this one: My vote for the most flawless, most amazing, most beautiful, most complex yet the most joy giving piece of music of all time goes to:

the FLUTE PRELUDE of the song "NEELA GIRIYUDE SAKIGALEY" sung by PJ for Prem Nazir (matchless superstar in song scenes, see this song and you will see the class, restraint and the impeccable genius of Nazir, only the Nadigar Thilagam comes close! Watching these amazing gifted people today, I begin to understand how they live in the masses hearts) in the Malayalam film "PANI THEERATHA VEEDU" and the composer, NONE OTHER THAN THE MIGHTY MSV! You've to see how the movie opens with the song and the beautiful morning on the Niligiri mountains!

MY SECOND VOTE GOES TO, AGAIN A FLUTE PASSAGE IN THE SECOND INTERLUDE OF THE SONG "UDAYA KAALAMEY" sung by PSuseela in the movie PANCHAMI, COMPOSER IR!!!! Nobody can contend with me here on this, I've thoroughly studied thousands of compositions to come up with the two above! But, let us really see if anyone else has similar findigs.

(Another thing, I cannot believe that Indian film composers have given most prodigious number and amazingly bewildering flute passages ever! God Bless Lord Krishna & MSV & IR for that!!!!. IR alone has probably over 1000 compositions for the flute more than all composers of the universe combined! IMHO)

There are so many more bewildering bits and passages that it will take a long time to talk about. But let us try!


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