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Did ARR follow his words? Did ARR follow his words?

Topic started by xml (@ on Sat Dec 20 15:11:34 EST 2003.
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Hi all
Everyone know about ARR's entry,his albums,his achievements etc..
But I want to reveal the past and the truth with ARR.After the success of roja there were many interviews with ARR.Initially he told he never listern to TFM but always hollywood music.When they asked about his ambition he answered,he want to make TFM like hollywood.But he made continous craps parasuram,alliarjuna,thenali,star,paravasam,KV,udaya,baba etc..Are they similar to hollywood music.
After getting badmashree award he told he won't move out of chennai.All technology we have in chennai.If the world want his music let them come to chennai and get from him.But he refused for shankar's next movie and ran away from TFM since chinese movie is more important for him.
Is he afraid of HJ&YSR or just a chameleon?.


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