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How to Read and Write Posts in Thamizh Script ? How to Read and Write Posts in Thamizh Script ?

Topic started by nemo (@ on Sun May 9 13:02:29 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This has been a source of concern for many of the friends here. Some of them have already found out how to read and write thamizh scripts, and also are aware of the tools and fonts which are needed for that purpose.

A lot of people have used 'Murasu Anjal' to compose and post in thamizh script prior to this. But, it is quite a cumbersome process to do it using Murasu's Thamizh text editor.

There is a new, exciting tool which enables us, hassle-free, to write in thamizh script - called

This tool is a free-to-download tool, created by the generous volunteer work of thamizh techno-geeks under the aegis of , created by Bala Pillai and Muthu Nedumaran.

If you want to just READ webpages which have thamizh scripts/content in it, all you need is a single font -'TSC_Avarangal' - and you can download that fontfile(.ttf) from here :

or here:

If you want to WRITE/POST thamizh script/content here, you may want to download and install the
'e-kalappai' tool from here :

or here:

or here:

The 'e-kalappai' tool let's you to directly 'type' in thamizh scripts in the response box. All you need to do is:

* After downloading that tool, re-start your system, so that the system's registry gets updated.

* Configure your IE browser by choosing 'View' from the Browser menubar, under that 'Encoding' option - make it 'User-defined', and also uncheck Auto-select.

You can use 'e-kalappai' to compose thamizh script/content in :

* notepad

* word document

* discussion group response-boxes etc..

Remember :

If you want to just READ thamizh scripts, 'TSC_Avarangal' font is enough.

If you need to WRITE, start the e-kalappai tool and run it in background. Press ALt + 2 for beginning to write in thamizh, and if you want to revert back to normal english typing - Press ALT + 1. simple!.

People can post the queries here to get their doubts cleared.

" š -
ͼ "

- þɡ.

P.S :

TSCII - Thamizh Standard Code for Information Interchange.


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