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Analyze Them - Harish Raghavendar & Karthik Analyze Them - Harish Raghavendar & Karthik

Topic started by Maverick (@ on Fri Feb 7 14:13:18 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Now.... Please dont' think of this thread as another one of those many where fans of each MD / singer starts fighting with each other posting some baseless information with negative feeback about them.

Coming to the thread... HR and Karthik (whats his initials ???) are two of the hot properties of TFM in playback singing. The most wanted among the current crop. In a short span of time, they have come up with so many number of hits with almost all the MDs in the industry. I dont remember when was the last time that TFM has seen 2 singers coming as hot like these 2 at the same time.

These guys should have a really high hit-ratio compared to the others and they should have sung for almost all the heroes in the industry. And the good thing is there voices are not branded with any particular hero. They sing everything from folk to western pop, fast numbers to slow melodies, jolly good numbers to sad themes.. Versatile !!!

The best thing about them is they have their unique way of singing and they haven't moulded themselves on any of the old successful veterans which should be highly appreciated.

Contrasting them, each of them are different in their own way.. with Karthik having a husky voice that suits both slow melodies and fast paced numbers and HR with a soft meldoious voice that shies more in romantic songs.

It would be great if you guys , fans of both of them could post your comments, opinions, criticism (genuine) , some interesting facts about them and their songs (recent releases) in this thread.


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