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Future Of Raja! Future Of Raja!

Topic started by sarath (@ on Sun Mar 30 19:15:27 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi everyone:
There were lot of postings on the potential of IR, ARR and many more. this is not a IR vs ARR thread and iam not the one for it too. to me IR is now being underrated by everyone. might be his recent work doesnt reveal his full potential but certainly he is a master in profession. i dont think he is doing best at film music these days with exception of some movies. moreover there are many music directors who does that with good sucess even though not best at quality. ARR does very less movies these days(although they are good). I have read in some thread about ARR's future work. very good to read his reach. at the same time, we, the indians are gifted to have a maestro named, IR. i w'd like to get shared with ur info on IR's future projects or plans. there was a time when i heard that he is gona do some non-filmi projects. but doesnt seem to happen. anyways, this is jus for the information. please dont drag the usual ARR -IR fight. lets feel the music....
is he thinking abt any new non-filmi projects???expecting from the maestro!


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