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Why was 78-82 songs of IR considered his best? Why was 78-82 songs of IR considered his best?

Topic started by Prabhu (@ on Fri Oct 4 08:37:47 EDT 2002.
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A curious question. It is commonly perceived that THE BEST of IR's hit songs came in the 78-82 period. Why is it so?
It does appear that IR songs of this period had lengthy pallavis with heavy orchestration(consider 'Ore naal unai naan, Kanmaniye kaathal enbathu, Poonthaliraada, songs from Alaigal oivathillai, Nizhalgal,etc). The post-85 songs had pallavis that were more or less toned down and gradually culminated with greater emphasis on melody in the charanams.
Your comments?


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