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Can We Have Some Fun? Can We Have Some Fun?

Topic started by Aalavandhan (@ on Fri Sep 20 07:35:23 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Can we put aside all the squabbles and talk about POSITIVE stuff for once?

I suggest that we cross three eras of MSV, IR & ARR and choose one particular kind of songs, and post our favourites of each era. Only one each please.

An example:

Mother's love

MSV - Thaayillaamal naanillai
IR - Ammavendru azhaikkaatha uyirillaiye
ARR - Uyirum neeye uravum neeye

Each one beautifully expresses the love of a mother in their own way.

Similarly, choose your favourite love song, sad song, funny song, etc etc.

Condition is all three MDs must be covered with ONE song each.

What's the purpose you may ask...Can We Have Some Fun?


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