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Bharathiyar's songs in TFM Bharathiyar's songs in TFM

Topic started by Saketh@Atlanta (@ on Sun Oct 7 19:41:47 EDT 2001.
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Bharathiyar's songs have been used beautifully in many situations in movies. In fact, I started reading Bharathiyar after seeing 'Varumayin niram sivappu'. I am sure many of us feel inspired by those magic moments on the screen, however detached we are (and however unreal the scene might be) when watching those movies. Of course, music for Bharathiyar's songs is very important. 'Manadhil urudhi vendum' from SindhuBhairavi is so simple, yet brilliant. Hope to see some interesting discussion on the music for Bharathiyar's songs as well as the lyrics.

And I have a question. Anyone knows the complete lyrics of the Bharathiyar song Kamal sings in Mahanadhi? Is it Bharathiyar's at all? It goes something like this...
'Pirar vaazha pala........... pala vedikkai manidhanai pole naan veezhven endru ninaithaayo'
It is actually a variation of the song 'Thai pongalum ponguthu'


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