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<b>Suneeta Rao - Straight From The Heart</b> Suneeta Rao - Straight From The Heart

Topic started by r (@ on Sat Feb 14 02:58:02 EST 2004.
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Suneeta Rao - Straight From The Heart" align=right">Suneeta senorita has come a long way since 1989. And so has Indipop – which is no coincidence. She’s part of that first flush of flawless sirens – Alisha Chinai, Shweta Shetty and Anaida who breathed life into the Indian pop music industry. This self proclaimed ‘Paree’ is poised to live the limelight once again. “I have a feeling there’s a new kind of avatar that’s going to take place with my next album,” she says with a smile that suggests she’s quietly confident of the ace up her sleeve. “You will hear my essence in my next album – it’s who I am and who I’ve always wanted to be.”

Making Music Suneeta Rao is known for her distinctive blend of Carnatic with Western, traditional with pop, East meets West kind of music. Although she began with plain Western music and Hindi lyrics by Dhuan, she was soon using Indian instruments, albeit North Indian ones. With ‘Talaash,’ she incorporated South Indian elements, though with ‘Ab Ke Baras’ there was nothing Carnatic, since it was done Hindi film style, but with a lot of folk music. Ask her how she’s evolved musically and she’ll point to her forthcoming album. Its primary theme is its sheer musicality, the fusion of North Indian and South Indian vocals. “The music is a combination of lounge/club/rock…some of my lyrics are a blatant expression of whatever classical music I have learned.” But mum’s the word when it comes to the title of the album due early 2004. She’s keeping that under wraps. “I guess you could call it Indian underground pop if you really want a label,” she concedes.


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