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Strange/Unwanted sounds during song recording Strange/Unwanted sounds during song recording

Topic started by Krishnan (@ on Fri Jul 11 14:50:32 EDT 2003.
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Hi All,

First of all, I owe a big THANK YOU to TFMPAGE and all who come here and discuss their ideas about TFM. I am sure TFMPage is a big treasure to anyone who stumbles upon here or is referred by a friend.

A special thank you to some here (especially reviewers of music), who has instilled a new habit of listening to the details of the recordings. This way, I have discovered so many instruments, which otherwise, I wouldnt have cared to notice! Since the birth of this habbit in me, I have started to notice some strange/probably unwanted sound in song recording. For example, in the song "Sempoove Sempoove" from Siraichaalai, between 3:10-3:11, one can hear a small voice (or some instrument) when Chitra sings "kaathirukku".

In another example, in the song "Ram Ram" from "Hey Ram", at 2:36 (in the second interlude music), there is a small patch of synthesizer bit (I guess so) left there.

In the same movie, in "Isaiyil..." song, in the second interlude, there is a small piece of sarod piece (appears for half a second) that is left in between 3:38 and 3:39.

People who have found similar bits that was not supposed to be there, please share it in this thread. I know these kind of bits are really minute and does not affect the entire song or even that portion. Still, curious to find out if any of you guys have found out such bits or even bigger ones.

Enjoy your DAY.



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