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Temple for IR ;-( Temple for IR ;-(

Topic started by Raghu (@ on Fri Mar 22 06:08:06 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I appreciate Dr.IR's greatness, he is my fav MD, but I am really annoyed by all these billions of threads being created here;look @ how many IR threads in this TFMpage, all discussing the same thing in different threads, this is known as polymorphism in computer term(Object oriented term), please stop it.

Raaja and Ramarajan are back

IR is the only MD who dominates director on screen , do u deny it ??

Is Ilayaraaja an E.T.?

ILLAYARAAJAvirkku PAAMARANin pakiranga kaditham.....!

Greatest Contribution of Ilayaraja to TFM

IR Producing "Theruvil Oru Geetham"

why did the IR stop working with Vani Jairam

Raajangahm needs to be more professional

IR - Inspired Recorder

IR's dubbed movies.

IR's new albums!


IR songs that you absolutely hated at first but loved later..

Are you an HCIRF??

IR turned down BABA "music offer" !!!
Last Activity: Fri Mar 22 03:56:24 EST 2002
Ilayaraja is still a big hit , including among the younger generation!

Why Ilayaraja's Music Does Not Appeal to the Younger Generation


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