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<b>Has the Rahman MAGIC ended ?</b> Has the Rahman MAGIC ended ?

Topic started by Fan (@ on Sat Jun 14 07:59:32 EDT 2003.
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Has Rahman's magic ended ? NEW!
[Source: News Today, June 2003]

Music director A R Rahman mesmerised Kollywood and Bollywood for the last 10 years. Since his scintillating debut as music composer in Manirathnam's Roja, he never looked back.

Popular directors and well-known producers lined up at his doorstep to get him come up with tunes for them. He single-handedly decided the fate of many movies and was one of the highly paid music directors in the industry.

But today Rahman seems to have lost his prominence in filmdom with mediocre tunes. In the last couple of years, his tunes for the films including Taj Mahal, Alli Arjuna, Udhaya and the recently released Parasuram have sunk without a trace. Does this spell an end to Rahman's magic?

Commenting on this, a senior producer in the Tamil film industry says: 'Rahman has reached greater heights in his career. After his album Vande Mataram, he had gone places. Meanwhile, the album Bombay Dreams brought international acclaim for Rahman, which no other music director could imagine. Hence, it is immaterial whether Rahman scores music for Tamil movies and his tunes succeed or not.'

Meanwhile, a director says, 'lots of young music directors, who can deliver hits, have made their appearance in the Tamil industry. The rise of Vidyasagar, whose recent numbers have been hits, the rise of Harris Jeyaraj, Karthik Raja, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Manisharma and Devi Sriprasad has given more choice to the producers, who are also competent enough to give quality tunes and more so they charge less when compared to Rahman.'

However, a few of his fans claim that he is competent enough to re-claim the top spot in the industry. They feel his forthcoming films - Boyz directed by Shankar, New to be churned out by S J Surya and Unnanku 20 Ennakku 18 by A M Rathinam's son Jothikrishna would do the trick. Once these movies get released, Rahman would certainly re-claim his top spot, they predict.


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