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Influence of Sufi Music on ARR Influence of Sufi Music on ARR

Topic started by NCR (@ on Mon Jul 23 13:53:10 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

There is a lot of discussion that ARR is computer, Influenced by Jazz, rock, funk, Western and Indian classical, pop music, but did any body recoginise that he is influenced most by Sufi Music than any other stuff?

I remember when Hindi film Dhadkan released in a review it was written, Sufism ( Sufi Music is one form of music mainly followed in Islamic countries ) is very much apparent in ARR's work right from Bombay and continues to find expression in films like Taal and Dil Se and Pukar.

It is no suprise as it is visible in many of the songs. Also when he sang with Nasret Fateh Ali Khan (who is famous ghazal and sufi singer) in Vandemataram. It is very strange when this style is dying in many of Muslim countries, ARR shows some expressions in various movies. Any comments?


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